Welcome to Factoria, your alternative clothing brand that celebrates the individuality, personal expression and the passion for gothic, emo, rock, and horror cultures. Since the foudation in 2013, we dedicate ourselves in the creation of exclusive and stylish items for those who seek to stand above the crowd.

At Factoria, we belive fashion is a form of art and a poweful way to show identity and emotion.Our exclusive prints are carefully created, inspired in many subculture that makes us fall in love with.Since gothic’s darkness and elegance to the emo’s intensity and melancholy, each piece is a reflection of our dedication in bringing authenticity and originality for your wardrobe.

We are proud to participate in two Casa de Coriadores’ fashion shows, a reputed space in exposition of emerging talents in the fashion world. The first participation counted on  three pieces collab with the stylist Igor Dadona, and the sencond one counted on six pieces collab with the stylist Diego Fávaro. Besides, we were honored in creating a merchandising to the acclaimed Scalene band and colaborating in fashion productions for artists as Dai Lims, Di Ferrero and Kamaitachi. These partnerships allow us expand our visibility and strengthen our presence in the alternative universe.

At Factoria, we believe in sustainable and ethic practices. We work with high quality materials, following responsable production standards and minimizing our environmental impact.

Thank you all who joined Factoria community during these 10 years, from our faithful clients to the newcomers. Join us in this authencity and stylist journey and discover alternative fashion’s power with Factoria.


Factoria <3 For ever.

Since 2013.